The Power of Mantra Meditation

mantra meditation

Mantra meditation is not only something one practises but its a complete visualisation of ourselves, our lives, our ability to create the future we desire. The foundation of mantra meditation is based on the ancient Hindu model of how the universe operates, and our place and purpose with in the universe. In this model the universe is composed of energy, and the most important thing we can do in order to manifest the type of life we want is to tap into that energy, specifically in this case using the power of sound.

Mantras are the combination of Sanskrit spiritual formulas which helps us to obtain cosmic energy required by our body to overcome difficulties thereby improving our lives.  Regular chanting of mantras clears our karmic cycle and we become spiritually free from any worldly bondage. After this stage, we will be presented with a new set of options as evolving entities.

According to ancient eastern methodology, mantra meditation can help us achieve main aims of human existence:

  • Prosperity also known as Artha
  • Worldly desires aka Kama
  • Ethical and noble development also known as Dharma
  • Spiritual fulfilment leading to liberation also known as Moksha

In the subsequent posts I will be detailing on each goal categorically and will also be sharing some mantras with disciplined regime to follow for attaining above mentioned goals.

A very common misconception in west is that mantra meditation is magic, the fact is, mantra chanting or mantra meditation is not magic, instead the results achieved by mantra meditation are phenomenal and magical. Through the disciplined daily practise, that is simple and easy to follow, usually over a period of forty days, anyone can learn how to attract some of the fundamental energies of the universe to directly impact the concern.

People have healed themselves or their family members using the power of mantras as a medium to guide them to proper practitioners and methods. New relationships have appeared , satisfying long standing desires. Better job positions have been secured, raises obtained, and working conditions improved drastically, all by harnessing the great power of sanskrit mantras that activates the dynamic forces within each and each one of us.

Now you do not have to travel to India, or become a monk, or change your religion in order to achieve a new understanding of the basic principles of causality. In my upcoming blog series, I will be presenting some of the most powerful and effective mantras for mantra meditation that you can practice  immediately to get the desired results.

Om Namah Shivay


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