Find your purpose of life the way I discovered mine

life purpose

In recent years, there is been a considerable rise in number of people seeking the purpose of their existence in this world. People often ask me, as to how can they know and reach to their inner self which will provide them with the reason of their existence. There seems to be a greater need in human beings now to live with a purpose. If I think deeply, this curiosity actually leads them to a path of purposeful life which is more than just struggling to sustain their existence, paying bills, work tirelessly and so on.

life purpose
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With a few of us, our life purpose and our daily job might be identical. Our work could offer a chance to meet our life purpose however this is often not perpetually the case. As an example, if you were meant to counsel people and you are providing guidance like being a counselor or a teacher, you will be fulfilling your life purpose as a part of your daily job. While with majority of us, this might not be the case, we choose a profession just because most of our friends are doing so and we imagine that to be the most suited profession and eventually we think that this is our life purpose.

Let me tell you, we are alive for a reason and we all have a purpose to serve. We choose our life, people, places, experiences and each incident of our life even prior to our incarnation. Whatever happens, happens because of a reason that leads to next level learning for us. I started my business with sole aspiration to achieve big and be a multi-millionaire. I though it to be the only purpose of my life. I burnt the midnight oil to achieve my goal and I was also becoming successful. I could see that each passing day is bringing me closer to my goal, until I saw my business downfall. If I look back I could have recovered from the losses and could have got back to the daily business grind. But in my deepest thought and one of those gloomy days, I realized that “Is this what I really want?” “Will I only lead my life sustaining my business and paying salaries to my employees?” And the answer from within was NO, but that led to my next question “if not this then what?” That’s when I started finding time for myself and my true purpose of my existence.

I tried and kept trying uncountable ways to explore more. To name a few, I tried guided meditations, contacted reiki masters, bought motivational videos online, followed many gurus and so on and so forth. They helped me partially but still there was a quench unanswered.  I wanted something very clear to look up to and give me guidance as to what am I supposed to do and most importantly, am I on the right track?

After lot of research and self experimentation, I came across this magical tool which has power to help you discover your purpose, plan your deeds to reach your goals and guide us by validating the results. After the usage I am clear, conscious and enlightened.  The best thing about the tool is that you don’t have to sign up or register or fill zillion details like other applications and it’s 100% free of cost. It is a very quick tool that comes to the point without wasting your time. Not only I, my wife and my friends are also loving it. About 20-30% of users have felt that the first part of the free analysis is a bit generic but believe me, the second and following sections are so accurate and true that will give you goose bumps.

What are you waiting for friends! I sincerely recommend using the free version of this powerful tool after which no explanations will be required to buy the personalized and detailed report. It is a great tool that justifies of each penny spent. I have not come across any predictions, past and present so precise and descriptive that shows you light like a personal angel.

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Love and Peace!!!!

11 thoughts on “Find your purpose of life the way I discovered mine

  1. I was planning to buy a car and I told no one about it but this reading revealed it for me. Also, it helped me in solving a very important personal problem. I will definitely buy the detailed report.

  2. I got a very accurate description about the nature of my relationship with my better half. So I decided to give it a shot and bought it. The detailed analysis is awesome, gave me lot of suggestion and tips to achieve my life goal.

  3. I am going to buy the detailed analysis for sure. The free analysis really told me something surprising about my past.

  4. I checked my detailed report for year 2014, then matched it with my past. I was shocked from it’s accuracy. Some very special events happened in 2014 matched exactly.

  5. This is a really great post. By asking the right questions, you get the answers that you need about your life purpose. I tried the link and it’s amazing how accurate the free reading was.


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