Kundalini Awakening : Facts finally revealed & myths ultimately busted

kundalini awakening explained

Kundalini awakening facts, myths and everything else you need to know….

Kundalini awakening is an age old concept which has been practiced by sages and mystics from centuries. They benefited from their awakened kundalini and lived hundreds of years without doctors and so called advanced technology. Having said that I don’t mean to say that they never fell ill rather my indication is towards the solutions that they derived from their own body to cure the illness. Awakened kundalini can cure even most deadliest of diseases in that era and today as well.

What is Kundalini Awakening?

kundalini awakening

To understand this concept better, one should know kundalini and chakras in prior. Long story short, kundalini is a very powerful spiritual and etheric energy which can be raised by expanding the level of our consciousness and chakras are the energy junctions in the form of wheel. There are seven major chakras in our body which are aligned with our spine, beginning from the base of our spine to the top of our head.  Generally kundalini resides at the bottom of a spine in every human being in dormant state where root chakra, also known as muladhar chakra , is located.  Whenever kundalini is forced deliberately or accidentally to flow in upward direction, it moves along the spine in spiral motion, which then passes through corresponding 7 chakras and finally reaching the Crown chakra (sahasrara). This state of transformation of kundalini energy from the lowest chakra to the very top chakra is known as kundalini awakening.

Myths of kundalini awakening:

kundalini awakening

Kundalini awakening is dangerous:

Lot of us has heard from various sources (known or unknown) that awakening your kundalini can be dangerous or even life threatening. It is also said that awakened kundalini can lead to mental disorders. But the answer is a BIG NO. Kundalini awakening is not dangerous. I would like to reiterate that kundalini is a very powerful energy and we should do a thorough research to know the inside-out before getting into efforts of awakening kundalini. Incomplete or inaccurate knowledge mostly lead to disaster.

Would you agree; if I say driving car is dangerous? Obvious answer is No. Now I modify my question and ask- If 5 year old driving a car is dangerous? Then the answer is definitely Yes, since the steering is in immature hands. The thumb rule to start the process is complete awareness and the right intent.

Kundalini can only be invoked by a guru:

Referring to my previous point, complete awareness is must. A guru or a teacher can help us with the required information and also shows the right way in some cases, whereas having a guru is not a mandate. We can invoke our kundalini without any supervision also, with right wisdom.

Whether you do it with the guru or by yourself, the only word of caution from my side is be aware and confident of what you do. Anything done with right intent and open mind will always be fruitful.

 Kundalini awakening is difficult and can only happen with certain people:

I agree to the fact that not all of us have our kundalini awakened and may sound unfamiliar as well to most of us, but it is as natural a process as our existence. It can happen to anyone who practice the same with dedication, devotion and discipline.

Reiki awakens kundalini :

There are many ways of awakening kundalini and reiki is one of them, for sure it is not the only way.

Kundalini awakening will make you superhuman:

Awakened kundalini is not a mutation that will turn someone into probably a superhuman like spiderman, superman etc. Simply put, awakened kundalini elevates the thought process, broadens our psyche and makes us wise & conscious.

Kundalini is a disease (kundalini syndrome):

Long answer short, it’s not……it’s a blessing.

Kundalini awakening is religious process:

The answer is again NO since kundalini is not owned by any particular religion or any country. It belongs to entire mankind.

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10 thoughts on “Kundalini Awakening : Facts finally revealed & myths ultimately busted

    1. I was in my early 50’s. I was beginning to take a morning shower. I was facing away from the shower head and when I leaned back to get my head wet, something happened in my lower back (it was the root chakra), –I don’t know how to describe it–an energy force?–and then, bam, bam, bam, bam–up my spine in chakra locations. It took maybe just a second or two, I guess, and it was as real as anything is real. It was not some kind of exaggerated feeling, or imaginary sensation. It was a real experience. If I could repeat it, I would.
      It was kundalini awakening. No other way to understand or explain it. I will remember the experience as long as I live. Surely, there are other people who had this same experience.

  1. Many thanks for sharing such awesome facts on kundalini. I have been searching for kundalini all over the internet and finally found this post. Yippee!

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