Kundalini awakening symptoms : Most Popular & common symptoms

kundalini awakening symptom

Kundalini awakening symptoms : It is pretty natural that it takes a while for anyone to get acclimatize to a change. Although, all of us will agree that change for good and divine becomes the way of life very quickly. During the initial stages of kundalini awakening, our body and soul goes through a lot of change. Actually the reason behind this change is, that a very strong part within us which was existing in dormant stage earlier, is now active.


kundalini awakening symptoms

18 most common kundalini awakening symptoms:

Kundalini awakening symptoms vary from person to person, so one might have all the symptoms or only few of them. By the way I am listing a few common symptoms that I have experienced and aware of by virtue of experiencing it myself and knowing people with similar interest:

  1. Change in sleeping patterns resulting in either over sleep or under sleep : This is majorly because our subconscious mind is put to work like never before which may result in accelerated brain activity, which can work without being exhausted easily or might demand more rest than usual.
  2. Pulsating feeling on forehead near ajna chakra, this gets very noticeable immediately after we wake up. The way our subconscious brain is being conditioned, Ajna chakra, also known as third eye, is usually active while we sleep. Kundalini awakening helps us to gain access to our subconscious mind consciously. Hence, we feel the ajna chakra vibrations in pulsating form while conscious.
  3. Kundalini triggers the proper alignment of various energy centers and chakras in our body. Hence we experience involuntary movement of body in back and forth motion while meditating.
  4. Trance-like or hypnotic state of consciousness. This happens when we reach deep stages of thoughtlessness which are commonly known as theta or delta state of hypnosis.
  5. Sometimes a notion of pain in different parts of the body. This happens when kundalini detects some issue with that part of body and tries to treat it.
  6. Initially the practitioner will get the feeling of headache or languid head movement due to sudden rush of energy in the upper chakras.
  7. Once kundalini is awakened, our senses are elevated and we become relatively alert and sensitive to sight, sound, intuition etc. This happens due to elevated senses.
  8. We dream more and are also able to recall most of them while conscious. During the kundalini transformation process, dreams are often vivid and strange. Also, sometimes there will be visions of future events, present situations that we are in or some visions and memories related to past events that we haven’t noticed before.
  9. Feeling of the flow of cold or hot energy over right and left shoulder blade. This happens in cases when kundalini clears your emotional baggage or some kind of trauma from past.
  10. Feeling of numbness while meditating.
  11. Spontaneous yogic kriyas like kapalbhati pranayam, anulom vilom pranayam, padma asana, badhakon asana, sheersh asana. If kundalini is completely awakened, the practitioner will also perform a mudra known as khechari mudra.
  12. Itching and tingling in various parts of body during meditation due to continuous flow of energy.
  13. Calm, composed and slow breathing pattern.
  14. Oscillating sexual urges sometimes intense and sometimes mild.
  15. Change in regular metabolism. For most of us there is a noticeable change in metabolism which results in eating less or more than usual. Point to be noted here is, inspite of the fact that we eat considerably less, we will never feel lack of energy within us.
  16. Restlessness to explore beyond known. While in this stage, our thought process goes to next level and we feel a compelling need to research and find reason behind concepts and conspiracies that we have ignored consciously or unconsciously for a long now.
  17. Strong intuition .
  18. Following are few thoughts that run within all of us who have experienced or experiencing kundalini awakening symptoms:
  • divine feeling of oneness with creation
  • symphony with nature
  • unity with yourself
  • endless love
  • transcended inner-self
  • more awareness and sense of belonging towards universal consciousness.

From my personal experience, I sincerely wish to advice you all that please don’t be scared and be apprehensive about the changes that your body might experience during the phase of kundalini awakening. As long as our intent is right and have faith in what we are doing, nothing can go wrong. You have chosen a right path which will help your body and soul to reach the zenith of spirituality.

Recommended book on kundalini awakening symptoms :

Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini: A Guide to a Positive Spiritual Awakening and Overcoming Kundalini Syndrome

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