Kundalini Awakening Benefits

kundalini awakening benefits

Kundalini Awakening Benefits

There are numerous kundalini awakening benefits and if we will start explaining them one by one, then it will take ages for us to list them. But here I am explaining some of the major and most immediate benefits that you can actually feel just after the awakening.

kundalini awakening benefits

Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom.

By Charles Spurgeon



Kundalini Awakening Benefits  #1 – Health Benefits

Kundalini is no rocket science rather it is a way of life. Kundalini is very useful in treating and preventing health issues both external as well as internal. Awakened kundalini can cure the common health problems like gastric and indigestion to severe and deadliest diseases like tumours and cancer. In some cases it is believed that the power of kundalini has also treated AIDS and that too at advanced stage. Personally I am witness to a few testimonials in which patients suffering for years from internal ulcer formations cured their disease completely after their kundalini awakening. Veterans from medical science were also in a state of surprise after witnessing overnight improvement in their health condition.

Also there are some methods that I follow where we start meditation and our kundalini automatically makes the practitioner do perform certain yogic kriyas specifically meant for curing the problems inside the practitioner. It is proven and works 99% of the cases while the best part is that you don’t need to know any yogic kriya or anything like that in prior. Cool na…..need to know how to do that….just follow this blog and you will get to know your answer inside How to Awaken Kundalini Section.

Kundalini Awakening Benefits #2 – Intuitive and psychic enhancements

intuitive & psychic enhancements

Although kundalini is not meant for achieving psychic abilities, but the awakened kundalini blesses the practitioner with heightened ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), strong intuition and psychic powers as its by-product. With the wise intent and mind of faith, following psychic powers may be also be developed over time :

Clairaudience :

Clairaudience is the ability to listen things like words, sounds and music coming from different dimensions which is inaudible to normal human ears. Some clairaudient use this skill to communicate with spirits and energies from the other side.

Clairvoyance :

Clairvoyance is the ability of seeing things like energies, object, person, location or physical events and gaining information about them that a normal person cannot see or feel by any chance.

Telepathy :

Telepathy is an ability to communicate with others with the help of our mind and thoughts. The one to whom we are trying to connect and communicate should also possess the same ability. Amazingly, we can use telepathy to communicate with anyone we can think of… yes I literally mean anyone!! Be it human beings, animals, spirit guides, ascended masters, intelligent life forms or angels

Remote viewing :

Remote viewing is a practice through which one uses ESP to see other people, things and places located at distant locations without being physically present .

Astral Projection :

Do you wish to experience how it feels when flying in open air ????  Do you wish to touch clouds and feel the blow of air on your face while you are flying like a free bird? Can we as human beings do all this in reality??The answer is YES by the means of astral projection. Astral projection is an outstanding and extraordinary experience practising which “WE CAN FLY”.

As a kid we all must have wondered at least once that why can’t we fly. As we grew up we got the answer that it is the design of our physical body which don’t allow us to fly but nothing can stop our astral body to do so.

Astral projection or Astral travel is an alias for OBE (Outer Body Experience) in which the practitioner separates his physical body with his astral or etheric body. Once the astral body is separated, the practitioner attains super consciousness also known as samadhi and can travel distant locations like different countries, different planets, galaxies and even different dimensions and planes of existence.

Akashic Records :

Last but not least and my favourite…….

The word Akashic comes from the sanskrit word Akasha which means cosmos. It is believed and experienced that akashic records reside in cosmos. Akashic records is an etheric video library that contains unlimited past, present and future events for every person, every place and every thing. Once you will learn to access akashic records, you can even tap in your own past, present and future. It is the most amazing and most interesting ability that can be used for personal growth as well as for the benefit of whole mankind. Learn how to access Akashic records.

A disclaimer and an advice – One should never awaken kundalini for psychic power, rather the focus should be directed towards the path of becoming a wise and aware human being.

Kundalini awakening benefits #3 – Increased Focus and concentration :

Ajna chakra which is also known as third eye is mostly responsible for concentration and focusing abilities. When kundalini awakens, it clears and balance all the 7 chakras including the ajna chakra (brow chakra) , thereby increasing our focus and concentration capabilities.

Kundalini awakening benefits #4 – Better human being :.

There will be a significant change in personality of a person after kundalini awakening. You will become more aware and conscious. You will feel your existence like never before and be more present.  You shall realize the truth and facts much clearly behind everything you see, hear or feel.

Kundalini awakening benefits #5 – Balanced and cleared chakras :

Awakened kundalini also clears and balances all the 7 chakras for beginners. Chakra cleansing means clearing of all sort of mental and emotional blockages, there by making us more loving, creative, strong willed and successful human being.

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