Is current religion serving its purpose?


This a very tough question, as there are many religions all over the world. Time to time, Churches, Mosques, Temples and other religious institutions have done many miracles, while more commonly there have been others who used trust and belief of their followers and supporters to do things that most of us are quite sure God does not forgive. For example, the ancient holy wars of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the modern period wars like Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Pakistan and India, Abyssinia – Somalia, Nigerian conflict, Buddhist uprising, Chinese conflict, Lebanese Civil War, Yugoslav Wars, Sudanese Civil War and many more.

In any situation, these examples always show us the complications and sadness associated with the word ‘religion’.  But religions are very much similar to any government, an organisation or any other system run by humans, which shows our capability to create peace and harmony as well as our appetite of destruction.

All of us have seen the Pros/Cons or Good/Evil part of religion, but the question remains the same. Is religion serving the purpose? For more clarity, I Googled the meaning of religion and I found these definitions:  1. the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. 2. a particular system of faith and worship. 3. a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion. And none of the above answers my question. I think everyone of us should ask this question to ourselves.  Am I making this world a better place by following my religion? Am I contributing anything to establish peace and harmony throughout the world using religion?

Our religious institutions are there to teach us what’s good and bad, but ultimately it’s us who need to implement it.  To implement it, first of all we need to broaden our thinking. And with an open mind and courage to accept truth, we have to look around and see what is happening around the world in the name of religion. And then ask this question to yourself, I am sure that you will get your answer.

In my opinion, I do believe that there is only one God with no name and religion.  I think that the concept of religion was actually introduced to uplift moral values and kindness.  But time to time, we humans started misusing it and manipulating it for our personal interests. Many of us are following our religions with reasoning and a sense of openness while some people with big following are imposing religion on their followers to fulfil their interests. And these followers are supporting their leaders blindly, without giving any second thought, in the name of religion.

So, none of the religion is bad or wrong. It’s upto you, how you see it and implement it.

I don’t know if the current religion is serving its purpose but I am sure that we are serving our purpose with religion whether right or wrong.

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