How to awaken Kundalini

how to awaken kundalini

Kundalini is a powerful spiritual energy that rests in base of our spine in dormant state. We all have this energy but in order to bring it to action, we need to consciously awaken kundalini. Now you must be wondering, how to awaken kundalini???? This article will take you through and will throw light on important aspects of kundalini awakening process. There is no one way to kundalini awakening process rather various practitioners across the world have awaken their kundalini by following different approaches. I would like to say it depends upon practitioner what works best for the individual in particular. Here I am listing most successful kundalini awakening techniques; a couple of them worked fine for me as well.

How to awaken Kundalini through Mantra meditation

Mantras are sacred words that help us creating positivity and bring us closer to spirituality by hearing, pronouncing and iterating them within our mind or in speech. It is believed that every word, correctly pronounced produce vibrations of certain frequencies. Mantras are structured in such a way that the combination of the pronunciation takes us to higher frequencies that make them very capable of providing us spiritual energy and help us reaching our higher self.

By pronouncing mantras accurately we can tap to the frequency of each chakra one by one thereby initiating the kundalini awakening process. These mantras when regularly chanted in a disciplined fashion can help us awakening our kundalini completely. 

Awaken Kundalini through Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that works on concept of channelizing energy to heal the physical and/or mental state of an individual by the touch of the reiki practitioner. Reiki can also be used to awaken kundalini by channeling the energy through chakras, thereby leading to kundalini awakening.

Practicing reiki fastens and smoothens the kundalini awakening process through step by step chakra cleansing and balancing . Kundalini awakening Clears and balances the chakras which ultimately induce our body and soul to vibrate at higher frequency.

With the help of Guided Meditation

Guided mediation is the process of inducing one or more participants and taking them to the meditative state by a trained practitioner either in person or by audio, visual recordings that comprises of music or verbal instructions. In this process the participants are often stimulated and taken to imaginary situation where their mind and soul are in state of peace thus connecting to the higher self by taping our subconscious in conscious state.

Facilitator induces deep imagination wherein the participant imagines and feels kundalini energy rising from root chakra, which is located at the base of spine, to the crown chakra, located at our top of the head, passing through five corresponding chakras in between.

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Awaken Kundalini using binaural beats :

Binaural beats consist of two sin wave tones with the frequency below 1500 hz and the difference between the two tones is under 40 hz. When we hear these two waves simultaneously one in each ear, then it results in sounding an altered wave which helps in altering our brain wave frequencies. This has potential to take us to state of deep meditation/trance wherein we can achieve kundalini awakening. 

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Kundalini awakening process via kundalini yoga :

In kundalini yoga we aim to awaken kundalini by practicing various yogic movements in a disciplined fashion with intense determination. Various pranyamas, mudras and asanas.

Kundalini awakening under a guru :

Last but not least Kundalini awakening can also be achieved under the guidance of siddha gurus. I have personally experienced the unmatched power of a Guru, under his guidance we can walk the path of spiritual enlightenment quickly and consistently. The fact is, everyone cannot be a siddha guru and namesake can’t get them siddhi. Gurus attain the siddhis by practicing tantra, manta and yoga for years. With their powers, a Guru can induce the kundalini awakening process in their disciples by being physically or non-physically present. Concentrating on Guru’s picture and videos and focusing at the agya chakra also help disciples in kundalini awakening.

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  1. Help please, I really want to awaken my kundalini by getting initiated by a guru, could someone please initiate me without seeing me in person. And what should I do in the process. Thank you in advance.

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