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One aspect that most human beings are unaware and thus deprived of is, balanced and cleared chakras. Hence in this post I would like to introduce most effective chakra cleansing tips. Most of us, by the virtue of our brought up and learning in our lives, have access to only our lower 3 chakras ie. Root chakra which is responsible for our basic survival needs, sacral chakra for sexual and physical desires and solar plexus chakras for will power and determination. Despite the access to these chakras, we don’t utilize them to their full potential because these chakras are either partially or completely blocked.

Simple chakra cleansing tips :

Most of us don’t balance and clear these lower 3 chakras throughout our life. Since, all the 7 chakras are connected in the form of gears, one chakra is dependent on the corresponding one upper and one lower chakra.  So if one chakra is blocked, then it hampers the other 2 chakras, there by blocking all the chakras. The upper 4 Chakras cannot be accessed until unless we have cleared and balanced the lower 3 chakras.

chakra cleansing


Chakra Cleansing is a process of clearing and balancing our 7 chakras one by one which helps us in reaching our higher self and take us ahead in our journey of spirituality. As my experience says, clear and balanced chakras are healthy, happy and spiritual way of life, hence I strongly recommend. I am listing a few methodology which leads to chakra cleansing:

Chakra cleansing through kundalini awakening:

Although there are multiple ways of chakra cleansing but the most effective and everlasting way is through kundalini awakening. When kundalini is awakened, it flows through lower most chakra (on base of our spine) to uppermost chakra, aligning and cleansing all seven chakras.

To know more details refer to our post on how to awaken kundalini .

I understand kundalini awakening is not an easy process, and requires strong discipline and practice. Following are relatively easy ways to chakra cleansing for beginners:

  • Mediation: We need to focus on each chakra while meditating, which leads to chakra cleansing. Meditation can be either through mantras, guidance or visualization. The fastest and the simplest way I came across is guided meditation. I have personally tried Chakra Activation System By Stephanie & Alvin have experienced faster and fruitful results. I have also recommended the same to lot of my friends and they also have good experiences to share.
  • Yoga: Performing various asanas, kriyas and mudras lead to chakra balancing. Yoga combined with meditation helps in achieving chakra cleansing faster.
  • Binaural Beats: For each chakra to be cleansed and balanced, we need a specific sound wave frequency. We can generate these sound waves by listening to binaural beats for a particular chakra which leads to chakra cleansing and balancing of each chakra. Binaural beats is yet another successful and effective way of getting into meditative state and achieving chakra cleansing. The unexplainable store provides us ample options for binaural beats as we can pick and choose whatever touches our soul the most.
  • Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that works on concept of channelizing energy to heal the physical and/or mental state of an individual by the touch of the reiki practitioner. By practicing reiki or going to reiki practitioners helps in chakra cleansing and balancing

Aside, Chakras can be also be cleansed or balanced by altering and tweaking certain things in our daily lives, that significantly contribute and take us closer to our goal of balanced chakras. I have listed a few points below that have helped me considerably:

  • Using specific colour of clothes to wear or using them in our surroundings like using different color bed sheets etc.
  • Wearing jewellery and other accessories related to corresponding chakra lead to chakra balancing. Personally, I recommend for buying chakra jewellery and chakra stones with best discounted rates and quality products.
  • Simple activities that bring us closer to nature and our self being, like taking sunlight every day, walking in woods, taking a walk by the side of beach or on the green grass.
  • Certain specific eating habits also help in aligning Chakra s like eating fresh vegetables and fruits of different colors like banana for solar plexus, tomato for root chakra etc.
  • Water is a very good and most easily available source for chakra cleansing. We should focus on drinking a lot of water and spend more time in water activities. We can also buy colour changing organic fluids for dissolving in drinking water as per the corresponding chakras.

To know more about chakras and corresponding colours, read our post chakra for beginners

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  1. Binaural beats works best for me. I used it from the source mentioned in article and found loads of other good stuff too. Good work!

  2. After my chakra opening and cleansing, my life has improved significantly and I became more confident. Thanks to you and chakra activation system.

  3. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation on chakra balancing but I find spiritual topics to be actually something that I think
    I would never understand. It seems too complex and extremely broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  4. Saved as my favourite article on chakra balancing and cleansing. Also, I tried your chakra cleansing methods and It worked well for me.
    Really like your blog! Eagerly waiting for more articles like that on chakras and kundalini. Thnx

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