5 Common Mistakes in Spirituality


5 common mistakes in spirituality

“Half of spiritual growth is learning what we don’t know. The other half is unlearning what we do.” – By Mark Betterson

As you move forward in spiritual journey, you really start seeing your life as a big classroom. In this classroom, we make various mistakes and we use these mistakes as opportunities to learn some new things and to unlearn some old futilities.

A good learner learns from his mistake, but a great learner learns from others mistakes. Here, I share 5 common mistakes that most of us make in the journey of spirituality.

(1) Losing Discipline: The most important tool required to achieve any goal is self-discipline. Just as we need a disciplined diet to pursue our weight loss program, similarly we need meditation or any other practice in discipline to pace up our spiritual progress. When we lose our discipline, we lose our passion and motivation.

(2) Spending no/less time with nature: For a long time, sages and spiritual teachers mentioned that by being close to trees, rocks, water, sky, earth and sun, we can attain certain properties and characteristics from these elements. These properties can be a very powerful tool in understanding how spirituality and life works.

(3) Being arrogant and carrying preconceived notions:  As we begin our spiritual journey, a lot of us make this mistake of being arrogant, overconfident and possess a superiority feeling. By being so, we discard a lot of helpful and genuine spiritual teachings along the way.

(4) Using spirituality for developing psychic powers: Thinking spirituality as a mode of gaining psychic abilities only hampers our path to spiritual progress. That’s true! We become more intuitive, some of us see or hear more than others. But we always have to remember one thing that these things are just the bi-product of your spiritual journey and not the destination. We may or may not achieve these abilities, but we will definitely move forward in our spiritual path if we aim to choose enlightenment rather than gaining abilities.

(5) Considering spirituality as a goal: Personally, I have met numerous illuminated masters, and none have confirmed that they’re finished with enhancing themselves. A deep sense of being is a long, consistently evolving process.

Initially, I use to think that after my spiritual awakening, good things will come to me no matter what. I would always be happy. Life will be filled with positivity and enthusiasm only. Later I realized that spirituality is not meant to remove the sad part from your life or to eliminate negative things around you. Instead, spirituality raises your thought process to a point where you can see things, negative or positive, with an unbiased opinion and you will be able to choose the right path with a positive frame of mind.

Spirituality is a journey and we learn new realities every hour, everyday day, every year and lifetime.

Comment below and let us know about your list of 5 Common Mistakes in Spirituality.

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